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What We Do

Healthy Homes

We use the phrase "strength, stablity, and self-reliance through shelter" quite a bit through our social media posts and materials. When a family has access to a decent, safe, and affordable home, they can devote more time and energy to living fulfilling lives. By knowing their home is safe, most families experience greater stability than they ever could in a high-rent apartment or a home with a leaky roof or lead pipes.

When we have stability, we are able to spend less energy on making ends meet, and more energy on making our world, and the world around us, better. Studies show that families with decent, affordable housing are more engaged in civic or volunteer activities, and have children with better academic performance. They also experience pride in their home, which translates to pride in their community. In the long-term, this benefits the entire community by causing a ripple effect of strength, stability, and self-reliance from one family's shelter, to the entire community.

We hope you'll click the link below to read Habitat for Humanity International's excellent brochure on the many benefits of homeownership, and learn more about why we work so hard to help families have a decent place to live.

  • This downloadable brochure details the many, many health and wellness benefits that can come from owning a home. This is one of the major reasons we do what we do, and how our motto of "strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter" applies to what we do.

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