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Upcycling is when you breathe new life into something by "fixing it up." This might mean a fresh coat of paint, or it could mean you turn it into something completely different! For instance, you might turn an old door into a display shelf by adding some extra pieces to it. Or maybe an old sink becomes a new planter! The possibilities are endless, and that's what makes it great. Some people are such big fans of upcycling, that they'll go out and buy secondhand goods from stores like Goodwill or the ReStore just to repurpose them.

Do you upcycle?

We'd love to share some of your hard work! If you have an upcycling/repurpose project made with something from our store, get in touch with us! We'll take some of our favorite upcycling projects each month and add them here to show off. Get in touch with us through our Contact Us form to get started.

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