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By making a donation on this page, you can be sure that 100% of that gift will go directly to Buckeye Ridge Habitat for Humanity. We will use every cent to help create strength, stability, and self-reliance in each of the four counties we serve.

If you've ever received information from Habitat for Humanity International, you may have been gracious enough to send a donation their way. However, unless you specifically designate it to go toward the Buckeye Ridge affiliate, your donation may not have directly impacted your own community! Although it's never a bad idea to help out anywhere you can, a donation made directly to us is the only way to be sure that money goes right back into the community.

To maximize your financial impact, consider making your donation monthly! Individuals who choose to make recurring donations help us to make reliable plans for housing solutions for families in need right here in central Ohio. Our supporters are the foundation that helps us build toward the future!

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  • $5.50 - This provides one day of services for one member of a Habitat family.
  • $11 - Two days of service for one member of a family, or one day for two members.
  • $40 - Over a week of services to a Habitat family member.
  • $75 - Covers the cost of one square foot of a Habitat home build.